Eric Morrison(non-registered)
Incredible visions from an incredible location. You've captured Bathgate exactly how it is, breathtaking and beautiful. Love the Northern Lights, and the creepy dolls!
Kerri Anderson
Breathtaking Photos
Bonnie Moore(non-registered)
Ryan I love your pictures It is so nice to get such great pictures that remind me so much of home. I enjoy looking at them so much
Garry Thompson(non-registered)
Very impressive~ wonderful photos !
Kari Turks(non-registered)
Really enjoyed looking at your photos. Great job!
Your pictures are wonderful. You are very talented. I look forward to more.
Hank Montgomery(non-registered)
These photos are top notch. I really like what you've got going on here. I will be checking this out from time to time. Thanks Ryan!!
Dan Higgins(non-registered)
Great pics again, Ryan. Thanks for the website. I'll be sure and check in every so often.
Bonnie Moore
I love your pictures. I took the ones I got from you to look for frames. The person that was helping me couldn't believe how beautiful they were. I will be ordering more
Great photos! Unique perspectives. Do you oten use a filter of some sort? Your colors are great.
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